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The smart way of managing your accounts on the go

Mobile Banking is an easy solution for your everyday banking needs. Using your mobile device you can:

● Check your account balance

● Review your account transactions

● Transfer funds between your accounts

● Receive account alerts via SMS or Email

● View real-time credit card balances

● Pay bills

With Mobile Banking you can enjoy easy access to banking…anywhere, anytime!

Get Started


To start you must be enrolled in First Citizens Online Banking. Visit www.firstcitizenstt.com and click the ``Sign Up`` option, then request ``Online Banking``.


Simply sign into your Online Banking Service and select the Mobile Banking section to register

Get Going With Our Mobile App

With your First Citizens Mobile App you can:

● Easily pay bills from the tap of an app

● View real-time credit card balances

● Pay your credit card from your existing accounts

● Set up and facilitate payments to payees at other Financial Institutions

● View real-time Account Balances and recent account activity

● Transfer funds between eligible accounts, setup scheduled transfers and view transaction history

● Find the nearest Branch or ATM nearest you

● Get assistance through our support portal

Stay Connected With SMS Banking

First Citizens SMS Banking allows you to use your mobile phone to access eligible accounts using SMS to:

● Check your account balances (for eligible accounts)

● View a list of your most recent account activity

● Transfer funds between eligible accounts

To use First Citizens SMS Banking you need the following:

● To be registered for First Citizens Online Banking

● To have a verified mobile device

● To have a mobile device that supports SMS or Text Messaging

SMS Banking Commands

Commands are the SMS you send from your mobile device to First Citizens to request your account information or transfer money between your eligible accounts. After you have verified your mobile phone number, send a SMS to the First Citizens Mobile Text short code 34778 (FIRST) using one of the commands.